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October 4, 2013
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Hoshino Gakuen: Takanora Ema by miyukio Hoshino Gakuen: Takanora Ema by miyukio
Yosh! Let's do this! For :iconhoshino-gakuen: :iconyuiswayplz:
Name: Takanora, Ema
Age: 16 (first-year)
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB
Height: 169 cm
Birthday: Feburary 14
Specialty: Gymnastics
Sub-Specialty (optional): Piano
:bulletyellow: Bright and optimistic; always thinks on the postive side
:bulletyellow: Cares for others but can be quite cold
:bulletyellow: Never gives up and keeps trying
:bulletyellow: Puts her 110% effort in everything she does
:bulletyellow: Keeps MANY secrets and never tells anyone
:bulletyellow: Cold personality with guys

Ema always looks on the positive side to things. She may be cold and have a sharp tongue at times but usually is kind and caring. Ema also gets embarrassed easily which makes her face flush as red as a beetroot. She never lets anyone know of her secrets but sometimes keeps the wrong ones to herself. Ema is quite smart and gets pretty high scores on her tests without trying but never brags or shoves her marks in over peoples' faces. She is athletic and great at sports and no matter how much she eats, she never gets fat because she burns it all off with gymnastics. Overall, Ema has a bright personality and stays happy as much as she can.

:bulletyellow: YELLOW!!
:bulletyellow: Gymnatsics and physical activity
:bulletyellow: Instant noodles and udon
:bulletyellow: Her older twin brother
:bulletyellow: Homework and studying
:bulletyellow: Bugs
:bulletyellow: Playing piano

Ema was born with a twin brother, Daiki, in Kyoto. Her mother was a pianist and her father was a defense attorney. Her father died in an incident when Ema was five which left the two twins alone with their mother. Ema's bright and optimistic personality was inherited from her father as he never gave up on his clients and always looked on the bright side. Ema started gymnastics at the age of three while her older brother Daiki played tennis. Her mother forced Ema and Daiki to both play piano and learn under her footsteps. This continued on until the twins were 12 and Daiki gave up on learning piano as he received an offer to go to the United States and become a tennis star. This left Ema all alone with her mother.

Years passed, and Ema arrived in her second year of middle school. She was quite popular with both genders and had crowds swooning around her everyday. Then she met a guy called Jin. He was quite popular and even had a fan club. But enough of that. He fell for Ema and started hanging around her. Although he wasn't a pest, the fact that he followed Ema wherever she went was annoying. Jin's parents were CEOs of a giant franchise so Ema couldn't do anything to him and was left, powerless. Ema had no one to confide her feelings to and she definitely wasn't going to tell her mother and felt it was inappropriate to tell her friends. A few days later, Jin finally turned on the offensive. He approached her one afternoon and confessed to her. Ema knew it was coming and politely declined the request. This enraged Jin and he was forced to resort to violence and pushed her down the stairs. As a result of this, Ema suffered a sprained ankle and was not to do any strenuous physical activity for two weeks. She eventually had to tell her mother and changed schools to get away from Jin. This was too much for Ema and she has despised guys because of this.

Her last year of middle school was chaos. Ema's mother soon fell ill and was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Her mother shortly passed after that and Ema was left alone. Ema tried to stay positive and calmly waited for a relative to take her in. Luckily enough, her aunt lived with her. Daiki lived with them for awhile and left again. The first few months of adapting to this was hectic but Ema and her aunt eventually got used to it. Ema started a part-time job at a bakery to help pay the living expenses. She received a scholarship for Hoshino Gakuen soon after that and Ema is raring to go start her new life at high school.
:bulletyellow: Ema loves gymnastics a lot hahahahahahaha
:bulletyellow: She is trying to interact more with guys or else she will never find a partner and die alone
:bulletyellow: Many people get affected by her "happy aura" so she is a great influence to her classmates
:bulletyellow: She has very good reflexes and is great at sports

Thank you for reading this wall of text ^O^ //shot

Hoshino Gakuen doesn't belong to me
Takanora Ema belongs to me
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oh my god what a cutie pie * 7 *
she seems like such a sweet character
we should rp sometimes ^-^ <3
miyukio Oct 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hahaha, thanks! Yeah we should rp some time ouo
Art-Eater Oct 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
She's very cute! Good luck to us both~~!
miyukio Oct 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you :3

alright! time for your app check.
first off, her bmi is too low. hoshino's minimum bmi is 17.5, which is already considered underweight, and ema's is currently at 16.5. please use this site to get in the right range.…
now for the backstory~
the second paragraph doesn't make much sense. did the boy have a crush on her? if so, why did he ask her for money, and why did he suddenly push her down the stairs? was it because she didn't like him back, and he wanted to make her suffer? did she receive any injuries during the 3 flights down? she must've sprained or hurt at least something; three flights is a lot of stairs QAQ how did it affect her gymnastics?
when her mother died of tuberculosis, what happened to ema? it's not possible for her to live on her own; she would have to move in with a relative or something, or go to an orphanage.
how is she affording to go to hoshino? (please write as if she has already made it in!) did she get a scholarship? or is someone else who recognized her talents funding her?
please fix these things and submit a join request! thanks ovo
miyukio Oct 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ermahgawd ;-; that must've been a pain to read. Argh, this shows how much I wasn't concentrating and was on the verge of falling asleep. I'm sorry for wasting your time Q.Q and thanks for reading it. I'll be sure to correct EVERYTHING XDD and, thanks again c:
Porkabulous Oct 4, 2013  Student General Artist
she looks as if she's kind ashy too - I like all the sparkles //'HAH GAYY' trololololol

If we both get in, I will get her to love Jake [my OC for the HG x3]
nekokira-chan Oct 12, 2013
you heard that?
miyukio Oct 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
heehee sparkles XDDD

omfg that would be perff ovo
Porkabulous Oct 9, 2013  Student General Artist

Except that i still have to correct final touches xD
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